15 Reasons Why Travelling Around the World Is Good for You

Jake Stevens

April 14, 2017

Opening yourself up to international travel can change your life. Whether it’s a quick jaunt for a holiday or a honeymoon, a backpacking adventure or a long term expat experience, something in your heart will change forever. Let’s take a look at some ways travelling internationally is good for you.

1. It makes you fall in love with your life
There’s nothing more amazing that waking up and realising you’re living your dream. When you can take a deep breath and take in the smells of a corner bakery or exotic spices at a market, you realise you’re living an amazing and unique life.

2. Meeting people with different ways of thinking
Everyone has a different experience of life. Often the people around you at home will think and feel similarly to you about issues. When you travel you find out that people see things differently, and you can share your experiences and listen to theirs – travel gives you the gift of shared experience and understanding.

3. Making memories
When you get home, you’ll have a travel journal full of anecdotes and a hard drive brimming with images you thought you’d never see. Your heart will never forget the experiences you’ve had, and it will change you forever.

4. Challenges preconceived ideas about the world
The world is not how we see it in the newspaper. Once you get to a new place, you can go beyond the headlines and really experience the truth of a situation, and the people involved.

5. Takes you out of normal life
The routine of daily life can be comforting but it can also dull your senses. Travelling refreshes everything about your life, from the feel of your bed to the sight of an ancient landscape.

6. Feeds dreams
Once you start travelling, it’s likely that you won’t want to stop. The first step is the hardest, but suddenly you’ll be considering how big the world is and how much you want to see of it.

7. Freedom to be yourself
If you travel alone, no-one you meet will know anything about you. Feel free to live to the beat of your own drum, without pressure.

8. Learn about cultures without a textbook
Learning from books and websites is one thing, but immersing yourself in a new culture will teach you things you’ll never read about.

9. Experience new foods
Eating authentic cuisine from other countries will ruin your local takeaway forever! But it will also encourage you to bring home your knowledge to your kitchen.

10. Challenges your belief in your abilities
Travel can be challenging, and there is no school that can give you the same opportunity to develop your crisis management and adaptation skills.

11. Teaches you more about yourself
Facing those challenges will show you more about your true self than anything else. You might be surprised at your own strength and resilience.

12. Creates relationships
Meeting people and sharing food and stories will create bonds than can last a lifetime.

13. Helps you value what you have at home
Travel can expose you to unimaginable poverty and crazy traffic conditions – the things you find difficult will make you appreciate what you have at home.

14. Teaches you new languages
Immersing yourself in a country with a foreign language will give you a crash course on ordering food and asking for the bathroom! Stay a little longer and get conversant, developing relationships and potential job prospects when you get home.

15. Gives you inspiration
Travel will colour your life. Bringing the memories home with you will inspire you to dream bigger, and weave your experiences into your every day life.

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